Pet-friendly Design Ideas for Cool Cats and Dapper Dogs

[The Design Sommelier Blog: Sip Something Beautiful] Pet ownership in the US is at an all-time high —around 68% of households claimed at least one fur-baby in 2020.  Making room in our hearts and homes for that 4-legged joymonster does not mean we need to decorate like Aisle 12 at Petco. Ditch the old-fashioned scratch … Read more

2021 Color Trends – Choose Your Own Adventure

The Design Sommelier Blog: Sip something Beautiful It’s 2021—Hooray!!  How are your resolutions shaping up? Remember when we punched that big ol’ RESET button, clinked glasses, promised to take better care of ourselves, and resolved to finally DO something with that those same 4 walls we’ve been staring at all year?  Don’t give up yet! … Read more

Think Local: Iconic Diversity in La Jolla/UTC and Hillcrest/Balboa Park

San Diego Neighborhood Style Series – Part III In the first two Neighborhood Style series, we explored connections between architecture and interior design.  For our final in-depth “Think Local” installment, we’ll go a step further, to recognize how those influences echo across time and social contexts in our city. Let’s dish some tasty tidbits on … Read more

Think Local: San Diego Neighborhood Style Series

Part II:  Downtown Victorian, Rancho Santa Fe Mediterranean, and a Coronado Contemporary Welcome back to the “Think Local” Design Sommelier series! We’ve got more statement-making properties in three popular San Diego neighborhoods. Once again, we’ve put together this series from the outside IN, highlighting the relationship between architecture and interior design; between view and vision. … Read more

Think Local: San Diego Neighborhood Style Series

Part I:  Little Italy Spanish Bungalow, Mission Hills Craftsman, La Jolla Mid-Century Modern Happy November!  We’re (finally!) back with a special “Think Local” Design Sommelier series. To celebrate San Diego’s year-round awesomeness, we’re taking a 3-part staycation to explore a range of design styles (and budgets), featuring 9 of San Diego’s most popular and iconic … Read more

Getaway Style! Featuring a Rustic Modern Mountain Retreat.

The Design Sommelier: Sip Something Beautiful Ahhh, vacation. Isn’t it amazing what a change of scenery can do to inspire, teach, and rejuvenate? To understate the obvious, it’s been a tough year, and everyone we know is positively jonesing for a getaway.  Even if our passports are sporting spiderwebs instead of new stamps this year, … Read more

Interior Designer FAQ

Top 5 Tasting The Design Sommelier: Sip Something Beautiful Well helloooo friends!  It’s a glass half-full kind of day.  Have you seen the shots we’ve been sharing on Instagram from our Park City project?  We’re planning to feature our favorite moments and products from this amazing home in the next blog, with tips on finding … Read more

Sip Something Beautiful

The Design Sommelier Is it just me, or does thinking about redesigning your space make you want a drink? For some of us, a new design project feels like happy hour! But if the infinite details and decisions of a so-called “simple” renovation send you swirling, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. I’m … Read more