Naturally people talk…

“The models are decorated and look absolutely fantastic!  Everyone is excited to see how wonderful our community looks, feedback was very positive.  This is going to be a home run!!!!”

Builder Sales Agent, January 2021

“Thanks for the follow-up and the great job with the install-we were really pleased with the model presentation, and appreciated the very professional handling of everything by you and your crew.”

Builder Client, January 2021

“Working with Ericka this past year on my project has been the BEST experience! Her creative talent is beyond, her professionalism impeccable, and her leadership inspiring. I’m so grateful her “magic touch” in my new home.” 

Residential Client, July 2020

Ericka is wonderful, energetic and positive. It all is expressed in her outstanding design. She’s a team player and has a lifetime of experience. We love when she’s involved because the projects just get better with Ericka on the job!

Architect, March 2019

“Ericka is truly an amazing leader and designer and I have learned so much from her in a short amount of time. The fact that she’s always smiling and light hearted even though she’s handling so much, is something that you don’t see often, especially in a position such as hers!”

Former Staff Member, March 2019